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"The Path To Victory!" TM is Mr Aleksanders guide to ascending the endless ladder of decency, self-fulfilment and poise that is gentleman-hood. Here I present a chronological record of his work for posterity and humbly invite you to peruse it at your leisure.

Barts Pathology Museum 2014

The Nursery Theatre 2012 & The Leyshon Brothers Theatre 2013

White Mischief 2013 "The Incarceration Of Leo Aleksander"

Some highlights thus far in 2014

Imaginarium Xmas 2013

Leo in chains for Kaleidovision fIlms

"Roustabout". An advertisment for Captain Fawcett's Expedition Strength Moustache Wax

'The Path to Victory!' for "Le Haggis" as part of The Big Burns Supper Festival 2015

Britain's Got Talent ITV 2015

The Rock N' Roll Circus for TF1 France

more moving pictures here soon!

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