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The Path To Victory! TM


A lecture on the way to improve oneself and become a true gentleman, as well as the reason for the need to be one.

In it our hero uses all the classic strongman feats to demonstrate how a good heart inspired by love can be stronger than:


Impossible weights

Solid Steel Bars and Planks



Frying Pans

Steel Chains

Steel Bolts

Phone Books

​A Pack of Cards



and much, much more...


Show details:


This act can run from 10 - 45 minutes depending on your requirements and can be split into 3 distinct parts of 8 minutes each. It requires a safe distance of 3 metres from the public, a PA system and simple lighting.

The Legend of Leopold Aleksander TM
Various Other Performances & Demonstrations


Given the room to do it Sir Leopold likes to engage in larger demonstraions and challenges too, with truck pulling and deadlifting being his personal favourites along with more gymnastic doings learnt during his many years as a circus artist. Chinese pole, Vertical Rope and Fire Manipulation being his specialities.

Coming soon: A web-series of tales from the historic life of Leopold Aleksander narrated by the man himself. Thrill to his exploits as he romps through a world no Victorian gentleman should ever see!

Some thoughts before booking Mr Aleksander for your production or event...


Mr Aleksander will not participate in anything that he feels may tarnish the reputation of the Aleksander Foundation.

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