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Testimonials for The Path To Victory! Ed Goslingo

A big draw for this show is the quality of the performers. Sir Leopold Aleksander is one of the openers with a true one of a kind act.  His feats of strength – presented as a lecture on the art of gentlemanliness, valour and honour – are just as good each time I’ve seen them. He offers a skilled mix of good comic timing and strong character presence, whilst also performing a wide variety of impressive testaments to his abilities. He smashes a watermelon with his forehead, breaks out of handcuffs, cracks nuts with his massive hands and politely offers them to the ladies in the audience, and a whole lot more. By the end of his act, the stage is strewn with discarded bits and pieces.


LEOPOLD ALEKSANDER performs a ‘Strongman’ act using a frying pan and Amanda to demonstrate his strength. Amanda must be eternally grateful she was clad in leggings and not wearing her bra free nipple clinger dress tonight. Else Mr Strongman may have had an eyeful of Mandy’s boobage tangled in his impressive moustache to contend with.


Four Big Strong Yeses send Leopold into the next round where we hope he will balance Ant and Dec on each elbow.



What happened to strong men? They were all the range in Victorian times but when we thought about it, we realised they're just not a thing any more. Well, we're very glad Leopold's bringing them back - moustache and all - because we loved him crushing a frying pan with his bare hands. He'd be very useful with stubborn bottle tops, wouldn't he? Also, anyone who can get Amanda Holden on stage and tell her "clench, my dear, clench" gets our vote. Four yeses.


The Mirror by Carl Greenwood



Amanda Holden was left head over heels on tonight's Britain's Got Talent show.

A Victorian Strongman called Leopold Aleksander impressed the judges and the audience with his audition.

“It takes a lot of grit to be a strongman, it hurts a lot," he explained before heading out on stage.

“I’m not using any trick props or anything, it’s all real"


Now, ordinarily, a Victorian Strongman wouldn’t be the most exciting thing to watch, but add into it Amanda Holden and a crushed frying pan and you’ve got yourself an act.

Amanda got up onto the stage.

“Good afternoon my dear," said Leopold, "If you wouldn’t mind stepping one front in front of the other."

“Clench my dear, clench,” he added much to the delight of the audience as he flipped the judge and lifted her above his head, before dead-lifting her repeatedly.


"For me, however, the highlight of the evening was still to come. The magnificently moustached Sir Leopold Aleksander: Victorian Strongman. True to form he wore white trousers, sported a cravat and had a formidable moustache. Proceeding to deliver lectures on the true qualities a man should demonstrate which involved bending steel bars of increasing width. This spectacle really captured what one felt a real Victorian strongman would have been like and was highly engaging at the same time."


"...the main event – a performance by the magnificent Sir Leopold Alexander, Lion of London and Mighty Moustache! I’ve seen him perform before, but how could anyone ever tire of such magnificence?"


"Most especially “The Lion of London” Strong man act Sir Leopold Aleksander. His rapport with the crowd was just fantastic and I really love the idea of the return of this sort of act to the stage... he also supports some really fine facial furniture!

Watch this space, this guy is going to be big - he’s a star."


Up next is strongman Leopold Aleksander (aka The Mighty Moustache, aka The Lion of London, aka Daniel Crute), with his gentlemanly conduct, paisley waistcoat and colonial era moustache.  It’s nice to see him perform without a microphone; it adds to the veracity of his Victoriana, and helps create a genteel and intimate bond with the audience.  Taking us on an educative journey of love and victory, the massively muscled man bends bolts, folds frying-pans, and demolishes fruit, drawing us into his world with oblivious well-spoken innuendo and a polite rapport with the audience at all times.




Some of the Ladies Leopold has lifted...

ROCK N ROLL CIRCUS LE 12 05 2015 REF 9015.jpg
2015-09-06 18.31.21.jpg
2015-09-06 18.31.04.jpg
2015-09-06 18.30.37.jpg
BGT Amanda Holden.jpeg
TheMail Online.jpeg
Wedding lift.jpeg
image copy 3.jpeg
2014-11-10 18.19.12.jpg
2014-11-28 09.20.14.jpg
2013-10-31 17.32.51.jpg
2014-08-07 23.58.42.jpg
2014-08-11 09.05.06.jpg
2015-09-06 18.30.54.jpg




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